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Welcome to Team Within A Team..... The system to help you make more of your TrafficWave membership
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How this works

Working with proven programs and tools, we will teach you how to build a sustainable, repeating income online without getting in over your head. We will give you simple, easy to follow guides to explain how the programs work, how to maximise them to your benefit, and most importantly how to integrate them into a larger, more powerful entity that feeds and develops each other to grow with its own synergy.

Why Team Within A Team

We are proud members of Team Atlantis a team that has been led by Didi Wargo for over 5 years, a team that has survived and thrived due to dedication and support from the founder.

As team leaders we have seen members come and go. And in talking with members it is because they don't make enough to cover their cost quickly enough so they move on to what they hope will be 'greener pastures'.

Our mission is to help train and support you, share with you the programs that help us promote and how to use those programs effectively. We also desire to share with you the programs that are helping us to earn online and have our business expenses covered.

We are still a part of and actively promote Team Atlantis but we are a Team Within A Team. We are just a smaller part of the big picture.

Team Objectives

We are individuals all working together to help each other grow and develop our business. We formed Team Within A Team to leverage each others skills and resources to maximise our growth potential.

Using well established programs and a strong mix of one-time payment and recurring payment programs we have created a system that will generate regular, sustainable income streams whilst simultaneously providing a solid platform for members to build their own online businesses.
Team Within A Team gives you more than a downline builder program, it is a online business creation and development system that can be used to further your own enterprise plans.

Unlike many other programs, you will not get long lists of programs to join that you will never use again, or left wondering "what do I do next?".

It is based on the principle of mentoring individuals to realise their own potential and become mentors themsleves. Personal development is the key to individual success, and we provide the tools and framework to achieve this.

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